Check out MIT competitions in aerial design, robot design, robocraft programming, manufacturing and much more.

6_186.jpgDescription:MASLab is a student-run robotics competition in which teams of three or four students design and build sophisticated robots which must explore an unknown playing field and perform a series of tasks. These robots are completely autonomous, meaning they operate, calculate, and plan without any human intervention. Included in this course is extensive documentation of the details of the contest, as well as pictures of the robots and the final reports of each team in the competition. Go to the Lecture Notes to get information about the competition, then check out the students" designs on the Projects page.

Instructor: Student run
Start with: The Projects page for pictures and student reports, or the Lecture Notes page for an introduction to the details of the competition
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Autonomous Robot Design Competition (6.270, January IAP 2005)

6_270.jpgDescription:6.270 is a student-run robotics competition in which students design and build autonomous robots using LEGOs® which compete head-to-head in some form of competition. In this 2005 version of the course, the competition is called Attack of the Drones, and the goal is for students to create robots that will influence the outcome of a Gedi Council election by influencing voters, i.e. pushing colored balls into designated scoring areas. Included is a video of the final rounds of the competition, as well as extensive documentation and lecture notes on the competition and the skills needed to build a robot. Find video of the final competition in the Video section.

Instructor: Student run
Start with: The Videos page for the video of the final competition
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Robocraft Programming Competition (6.370, January IAP 2005)

6_370.jpgDescription:As a student-run competition held during MIT's Independent Activities Period (IAP) month, 6.370 offers teams of students the opportunity to engage in head-to-head video game battles by designing and programming their own virtual robots using Java™. Players implement their own strategies and artificial intelligence in Capture-the-Flag matches that utilize four different classes of robots in a quest for dominance. Go to the Projects page to see more details about the competition and the software used in the course. Having some experience with JAVA™ programming is beneficial for understanding this material.

Instructor: Professor Michael Ernst
Start with: The Projects page for a full description of the competition and links to download all software needed to create your own virtual robots
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Design and Manufacturing I (2.007, Spring 2009)

2_007.jpgDescription:This course is designed to help students develop skills as design engineers by designing and building mechanical robots that will compete head-to-head in the mother of all robot contests. In this Spring 2005 version of the course the competition was called Tic Tech Toe and required students to build robots that would pick up foam blocks and place them in a scoring grid that resembles a tic tac toe board as well as Simmons Hall, the newest MIT undergraduate dormitory. Included in the course are documentation and lecture notes, as well as full video of the competition on the Projects page.

Instructor: Professor Alex Slocum
Start with: The Projects page for a full description of the competition and video of the preliminary and final rounds
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