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Dear Friend of OCW,

On April 4th 2011, MIT marked the 10th anniversary of the announcement of MIT OpenCourseWare. In the past ten years, we’ve shared the core academic materials—syllabi, lecture notes, assignments and exams—from thousands of MIT courses freely and openly on the web, allowing educators, students and independent learners to enhance their own lives and the lives of those around them. In the next decade, we plan to empower millions more around the world to teach, learn and innovate through our open resources.

To date, we have published materials from more than 2,000 courses that span every academic department at MIT. We've reached an estimated 100 million people with those educational resources. And we've inspired more than 250 universities around the world to share their educational content as well. Our materials have helped educators in Indonesia improve their courses, entrepreneurs in Haiti launch their businesses, and students in Africa study with the confidence that they are accessing world-class information.

The Next Decade of OCW

And yet, we want to do more: For our next decade, we have a stretch goal to reach a billion minds. To do this, we will continue to update and improve the materials on our site, and we will introduce innovations that give our materials more reach and impact. We'll share OCW materials across the Web and beyond, so educators and learners can benefit from these resources without coming to our site. We'll create more targeted programs such as Highlights for High School and OCW Scholar courses to serve the needs of specific audiences. We'll build open learning communities such as our OpenStudy groups so that people can collaborate, teach and learn from each other; and we'll help educators incorporate our materials into their classroom content, so they can share OCW with students we can't reach directly.

The Cost of Free

MIT is committed to keeping OCW free and open to all, but this work comes at a cost. OCW's annual budget is $3.7 million dollars. MIT pays for half of the costs directly and the rest is funded by grants, corporate underwriters, and donations from our supporters. Last year alone, our site visitors provided more than $200,000 through gifts that averaged $50. Our goal over the next several years is to increase donations from individuals to $500,000 annually to support our $3.7 million budget. While this is a modest piece of the overall budget, it is a crucial one, as it demonstrates to our sponsors and grantors the value our visitors place in accessing MIT's curricular materials.

How You Can Help

We know that the vast majority of visitors to our site cannot afford to donate, and our core mission is to provide access to exactly these audiences—educators in developing countries, workers displaced by financial crisis, homeschooling parents, independent learners unable to continue formal study. But if you are able to donate $25, $50, $100 or whatever amount is right for you, it can make a tremendous impact.

Please support MIT OpenCourseWare with a gift in whatever amount you can as we mark ten years of providing free educational opportunities. Your support will help us to meet our ambitious goals for the next decade and ensure that millions around the world continue to benefit from open access to MIT's educational assets.

Please donate now.


Cecilia d'Oliveira
Executive Director
MIT OpenCourseWare