Corporate Gifts


Flagship and Leadership Gifts

Demonstrate your company's commitment to unlocking knowledge by providing major support for OCW. Through our Flagship and Leadership gift programs, your company will be acknowledged on our home page or main course list page as an organization committed to improving education around the world.

You will be providing visible support for a program that serves millions of visitors a month and has been recognized on the front page of The New York Times and Washington Post, in magazines such as US News & World Report and Forbes, and in thousands of other media outlets worldwide. Major gift  opportunities begin at $100,000 USD.

Acknowledgment with logo on the OCW home or the main course list.

Contributing Gifts

Supporting OCW is good for your company and good for your world. Your company already uses OCW and understands the value of openly shared educational resources. OCW is a resource for tracking current developments in key disciplines, keeping basic skills sharp and addressing business challenges. Support for OCW also provides educational opportunity for millions worldwide.

Demonstrate your company's commitment to knowledge as a public good at a level that fits your budget, with opportunities beginning at $10,000 USD.

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For more information on OCW corporate gift opportunities, please contact OCW External Relations Director Stephen Carson at 617-253-1250 or