21W.747-1 Rhetoric

As taught in: Spring 2010

A statue of Socrates, taken in Athena, Greece.

A statue of Socrates. (Image courtesy of dullhunk on Flickr.com.)




Dr. Steven Strang

Course Description

This course is an introduction to the theory, the practice, and the implications (both social and ethical) of rhetoric, the art and craft of persuasion. This semester, many of your skills will have the opportunity to be deepened by practice, including your analytical and critical thinking skills, your persuasive writing skills, and your oral presentation skills. In this course you will act as both a rhetor (a person who uses rhetoric) and as a rhetorical critic (one who studies the art of rhetoric). Both write to persuade; both ask and answer important questions. Always one of their goals is to create new knowledge for all of us, so no endeavor in this class is a "mere exercise."