11.439 Revitalizing Urban Main Streets: St. Claude Avenue, New Orleans

As taught in: Spring 2009

A photograph of a dilapidated abandoned market that used to sell produce and seafood.

St. Roch Market, pictured here post-Hurricane Katrina, is seen as the centerpiece of the St. Claude Avenue Main Street District. The market's fate is seen as mirroring the fate of the surrounding area. (Image courtesy of quebella on flickr.)




Prof. Karl Seidman

Prof. Susan Silberberg-Robinson

Course Features

Course Description

This course focuses on the physical and economic renewal of urban neighborhood Main Streets by combining classroom work with an applied class project. The course content covers four broad areas:

  1. An overview of the causes for urban business district decline, the challenges faced in revitalization and the type of revitalization strategies employed;
  2. The physical and economic development planning tools used to understand and assess urban Main Streets from physical design and economic development perspectives;
  3. The policies, interventions, and investments used to foster urban commercial revitalization; and
  4. The formulation of a revitalization plan for an urban commercial district.