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11.203 Microeconomics for Planners

As taught in: Fall 2004

An interactive tool demonstrating basic economic principals.

A screenshot from one of the web-based, interactive economics tools. (Developed for this class by Myoung-Gu Kang and presented in the tools section.)




Prof. Frank Levy

Course Highlights

Microeconomics/Planning Economics is taught as two modular courses to Master of City Planning students. The logistics of the modules are explained in the syllabus.

A feature of the course is a set of Web based tools designed to help a student visualize and experiment with various microeconomic concepts. The screenshot above is from the example in our tools section, which also contains a link to more examples. Additionally, a complete set of problem sets is available in the assignments section.

Course Description

Microeconomics for Planners, 11.203, will ground you in basic microeconomics - how markets function, how to think about allocating scarce resources, what profit maximizing behavior means in different kinds of markets, how technology and trade reshapes all of this, etc. Along the way, it will also give you a sense of several of the major economic issues in the presidential campaign. We will consider activities that markets don’t directly capture - the value of an historic preservation district or the costs imposed by pollution - in November and December during Gateway: Planning Economics, 11.202.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .swf.