SP.764 / SP.765 Practical Electronics

As taught in: Fall 2004

A photo of a backlit printed circuit board.

Printed circuit board with transistors, resistors and operational amplifiers. (Image courtesy of Sergey Lebedev and stock.xchng.)


Undergraduate / Graduate


Dr. James Bales

Course Features

Course Description

You can build a wide range of practical electronic devices if you understand a few basic electronics concepts and follow some simple rules. These devices include light-activated and sound-activated toys and appliances, remote controls, timers and clocks, and motorized devices.

The subject begins with an overview of the fundamental concepts, followed by a series of laboratory exercises that demonstrate the basic rules, and a final project.

Technical Requirements

Media player software, such as QuickTime® Player, RealOne™ Player, or Windows Media® Player, is required to run the .avi files found on this course site.