SP.691 / WGS.691 Studies in Women's Life Narratives: Feminist Inquiry

As taught in: Spring 2009

Two women dressed in blue and purple burkas walk down the street.

Women dressed in burkas in Taroudant, Morocco. Women and Islam is discussed in Week 10. (Image courtesy of See Wah on flickr.)




Prof. Frinde Maher

Prof. Renee Bergland

Course Description

Feminist Inquiry starts with questions: What is feminism? What is feminist scholarship? Is feminist scholarship inherently interdisciplinary? Must feminist work interrogate disciplinarity? Must feminists collaborate?

Our aim is to promote the development of feminist theory and methods by providing a forum for sharing, assessing, discussing and debating strategies used by feminist scholars to study topics such as gender and the body; sexualities; color and whiteness; migration, colonialism, and indigeneity.