SP.601J / 17.006 / 24.237 / WGS.601J Feminist Political Thought

As taught in: Spring 2010

A drawing shows a young girl scolding a boy. Underneath there is a poem that reads "For the work of a day, for the taxes we pay, for the laws we obey, we want something to say."

A postcard from 1913 depicts a cartoon of a girl scolding a boy about women not being allowed to vote.  Suffrage is discussed in session #3. (Image courtesy of the Library of Congress.)




Prof. Elizabeth A. Wood

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In this course we will examine the development of feminist theory over time. Some subjects we will examine in detail include suffrage and equality; radical feminism; psychoanalysis and feminism; theories of power; sexuality and gender; embodied knowledge; pornography; identities and global feminism; militarism; and the welfare state. Throughout the course we will analyze different ways of looking at power and political culture in modern societies, issues of race and class, poverty and welfare, sexuality and morality.