15.067 Competitive Decision-Making and Negotiation

As taught in: Spring 2003

Illustration of a handshake in front of a contract with a city skyline in the background.

Competitive decision-making and negotiation. (Image courtesy of Karen Grant.)




Prof. Gordon Kaufman

Course Features

Course Description

This course is centered on twelve negotiation exercises that simulate competitive business situations. Specific topics covered include distributive bargaining (split the pie!), mixed motive bargaining (several issues at stake) with two and with more than two parties, auctions and fair division. Ethical dilemmas in negotiation are discussed at various times throughout the course.

There are two principal objectives for this course. The first is to provide you with negotiation tools that enable you to achieve your negotiation objectives in a fair and responsible fashion. The second is to "learn by doing." That is, we provide a forum in which you actively apply these tools to a wide variety of business oriented negotiation settings.