STS.025J / 21H.913J Making the Modern World: The Industrial Revolution in Global Perspective

As taught in: Fall 2009

Photograph of a group of soldiers, rifles slung over their shoulders, marching along a railroad track.

The development of railroads and mass production of military goods are among the themes of this course. In this World War I photo, Russian infantry marches along a rail line. (Public domain image (source: Wikipedia))




Prof. Merritt Roe Smith

Course Description

This class is a global survey of the great transformation in history known as the "Industrial Revolution." Topics include origins of mechanized production, the factory system, steam propulsion, electrification, mass communications, mass production and automation. Emphasis on the transfer of technology and its many adaptations around the world. Countries treated include Great Britain, France, Germany, the US, Sweden, Russia, Japan, China, and India. Includes brief reflection papers and a final paper.