17.910 Reading Seminar in Social Science: International Political Economy

As taught in: Fall 2006

Manhole cover that reads City of L.A. in the upper half, Made in India in the lower half.

Pictured above is a manhole cover manufactured in India, but transported to and installed in the American city of Los Angeles, California. One of the topics discussed in this course is the internationalization of production, as illustrated by the manhole's global journey. (Image courtesy of Cathy Cole.)




Prof. David Singer

Course Description

This course examines the politics of international economic relations. We begin with a discussion of the analytical "lenses" through which we can view the global economy. We then examine the politics of trade policy, multinational corporations, and international monetary and financial relations. We will also examine third-world development, communist transition, and the debate over "globalization." Finally we will explore the fight against terrorist financing and money laundering, the proper role of international financial institutions (including the IMF), and the impact of the global economy on the ability of governments to make policy within their own borders.