22.033 / 22.33 Nuclear Systems Design Project

As taught in: Fall 2002

A photo collage of yellow and green pellets used in the class simulations.

The yellow and green pellets used to model the path of granular flow through a Pebble-Bed Reactor, part of the Fall 2002 Nuclear Systems Design Project. (Image by Andrew Kadak.)


Undergraduate / Graduate


Prof. Andrew Kadak

Course Description

Group design project involving integration of nuclear physics, particle transport, control, heat transfer, safety, instrumentation, materials, environmental impact, and economic optimization. Provides students with opportunity to synthesize knowledge acquired in nuclear and non-nuclear subjects and apply this knowledge to practical problems of current interest in nuclear applications design. Past projects have included using a fusion reactor for transmutation of nuclear waste, design and development of a nuclear reactor for the manned mission to Mars. Meets with graduate subject 22.33.