21M.303 Writing in Tonal Forms I

As taught in: Spring 2009

Woman singing with piano accompanist.

Student song compositions were performed in class by guest artists Janna Baty, voice, and Daniel Curtis, piano. See the assignments page for video and audio recordings of student compositions. (Image by MIT OpenCourseWare.)




Prof. Peter Child

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Course Highlights

Students in this class compose a Minuet and Trio for string quartet, and a song for soprano voice and piano. Recordings of these compositions, as performed in two visiting artist master classes, are provided on the assignments page.

Course Description

Written and analytic exercises based on 18th- and 19th-century small forms and harmonic practice found in music such as the chorale preludes of Bach; minuets and trios of Haydn, Mozart, and Beethoven; and the songs and character pieces of Schubert and Schumann. Musicianship laboratory is required.