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MAS.961 Special Topics: Designing Sociable Media

As taught in: Spring 2008

Two rows of photos, some stretched in size to suggest varying qualities of experience.

In Assignment 4, Designing Sociable Media students document their subjective experience of a 6-hour span of time. This image is an excerpt from Seth Hunter's work. (Courtesy of Seth Hunter. Used with permission.)




Prof. Judith Donath

Course Features

Course Highlights

Each assignment includes links to representative student work.

Course Description

This project-based course explores new design strategies for social interaction in the computer mediated world. Through weekly readings and design assignments we will examine topics such as:

  • Data-based portraiture
  • Depicting growth, change and the passage of time
  • Visualizing conversations, crowds, and networks
  • Interfaces for the connected city
  • Mobile social technologies

The course emphasizes developing visual and interactive literacy.