MAS.742 Industrial Design Intelligence: A Cognitive Approach to Engineering

As taught in: Fall 2003

A photo of a hand holding a corner of a keyboard.

A design for a keyboard prototype. (Image by Prof. Ted Selker.)




Prof. Ted Selker

Course Features

Course Description

This class investigates cognitive science and technology as it is applied to the industrial design process. The class introduces prototyping techniques and approaches for objective evaluation as part of the design process. Students practice evaluating products with mechanical and electronic aspects. Evaluation processes are applied to creating functioning smart product prototypes. This is a project oriented subject that draws upon engineering, aesthetic, and creative skills. It is geared toward students interested in creating physical products which encompass electronics and computers, aimed at including them in smart scenarios. Students in the class will present readings, learn prototyping skills, create a product prototype, and complete a publication style paper.

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