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MAS.110 Fundamentals of Computational Media Design

As taught in: Fall 2008

MusicPainter screenshot.

MusicPainter is a networked graphical composing environment which aims to encourage sharing and collaboration between users.  It is used in class assignment #3 with the XO Laptop and csound. (Courtesy of Wu-Hsi Li. Used with permission.)




Prof. Barry Vercoe

Prof. David Small

Dr. Henry Holtzman

Dr. V. Michael Bove

Course Features

Course Description

This class covers the history of 20th century art and design from the perspective of the technologist. Methods for visual analysis, oral critique, and digital expression are introduced. Class projects this term use the OLPC XO (One Laptop Per Child) laptop, Csound and Python software.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .tar and .py.