2.171 Analysis and Design of Digital Control Systems

As taught in: Fall 2006

Multiple-frame image that spells - MIT.

This oscilliscope waveform shows the step-response of a Finite Impulse-Response (FIR) digital filter. The filter was created by students in a course lab. (Image courtesy of Michael Eilenberg and Brett Shapiro. Used with permission.)




Prof. David Trumper

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This course is a comprehensive introduction to control system synthesis in which the digital computer plays a major role, reinforced with hands-on laboratory experience. The course covers elements of real-time computer architecture; input-output interfaces and data converters; analysis and synthesis of sampled-data control systems using classical and modern (state-space) methods; analysis of trade-offs in control algorithms for computation speed and quantization effects. Laboratory projects emphasize practical digital servo interfacing and implementation problems with timing, noise, and nonlinear devices.