21H.912 The World Since 1492

As taught in: Fall 2004

A painting of the French Revolution featuring the burning of the royal carriages.

The French revolution: burning the royal carriages at the Chateau d'Eu, February 24, 1848. (Image courtesy of Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division [reproduction number, LC-USZC2-2370 (color film copy slide)].)




Prof. David Ciarlo

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Course Description

This class offers a look into the last five hundred years of world history. Rather than attempt an exhaustive chronology of everything that has occurred on the globe since 1492 - an impossible task for a lifetime, let alone a single semester - we will be focusing on certain geographic areas at specific times, in order to highlight a particular historical problem or to examine the roots of processes that have had an enormous impact on the contemporary world.