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21H.466 Imperial and Revolutionary Russia: Culture and Politics

As taught in: Fall 2008

Large figure of Peter the Great and a rearing horse atop a large rock with an inscription referring to Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, his successor.

"The Bronze Horseman," by √Čtienne Maurice Falconet, depicts Peter the Great on horseback in Senate Square, St. Petersburg. (Image from Wikimedia Commons.)




Prof. Elizabeth A. Wood

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At the beginning of the eighteenth century Russia began to come into its own as a major European power. Members of the Russian intellectual classes increasingly compared themselves and their autocratic order to states and societies in the West. This comparison generated both a new sense of national consciousness and intense criticism of the existing order in Russia. In this course we will examine different perspectives on Russian history and literature in order to try to understand the Russian Empire as it changed from the medieval period to the modern.