21H.112 The American Revolution

As taught in: Spring 2006

Signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Signing of the Declaration of Independence by John Trumbull in U.S. Capitol, detail II. (Image courtesy of the Library of Congress, Prints and Photographs Division, U.S. Capitol paintings [reproduction number: LC-H8-CT-C01-063 (color corrected film copy slide)].)




Prof. Pauline Maier

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This course is concerned primarily with the revolutionary origins of American government. Topics covered include: English and American backgrounds of the Revolution; issues and arguments in the Anglo-American conflict; colonial resistance and the beginnings of republicanism; the Revolutionary War; constitution writing for the states and nation; and effects of the American Revolution. Readings emphasize documents from the period--pamphlets, correspondence, the minutes or resolutions of resistance organizations, constitutional documents and debates.