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HST.921 / HST.922 Information Technology in the Health Care System of the Future

As taught in: Spring 2009

Screenshot of a computer screen with several medical images and personal medical history information.

Screenshot of the VA's VistA computerized patient record system, which integrates access and display of a patient's clinical images and medical history data. (Image courtesy of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs.)




Dr. Bryan Bergeron

Dr. Daniel Sands

Prof. Steven Locke
(Course Director)

Mirena Bagur
(Associate Course Director)

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Course Description

This innovative, trans-faculty subject teaches how information technologies (IT) are reshaping and redefining the health care marketplace through improved economies of scale, greater technical efficiencies in the delivery of care to patients, advanced tools for patient education and self-care, network integrated decision support tools for clinicians, and the emergence of e-commerce in health care. Student tutorials provide an opportunity for interactive discussion. Interdisciplinary project teams comprised of Harvard and MIT graduate students in medicine, business, law, education, engineering, computer science, public health, and government collaborate to design innovative IT applications. Projects are presented during the final class.


Starting in Spring 2010, this course will be titled Enabling Technology Innovation in Healthcare and the Life Sciences.