HST.730 Molecular Biology for the Auditory System

As taught in: Fall 2002

A diagram of the inner ear: ear flap, outer ear, ear canal, hammer, eardrum, anvil, middle ear, stirrup, Eustachian tube, cochlea, auditory nerve, inner ear.

The inner ear. (Image courtesy of http://www.nasa.gov.)




Prof. Bill Sewell

Prof. Charlie Liberman

Prof. Chen Zheng-Yi

Prof. Doug Cotanche

Prof. Heidi Rehm

Dr. Marley Kenna

Prof. Stefan Heller

Prof. Anne Giersch

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Course Description

An introductory course in the molecular biology of the auditory system. First half focuses on human genetics and molecular biology, covering fundamentals of pedigree analysis, linkage analysis, molecular cloning, and gene analysis as well as ethical/legal issues, all in the context of an auditory disorder. Second half emphasizes molecular approaches to function and dysfunction of the cochlea, and is based on readings and discussion of research literature.