HST.410J / 6.07J Projects in Microscale Engineering for the Life Sciences

As taught in: Spring 2007

People in cleanroom suits view magnified wafer pattern on screen.

Members of the class inspect one of the wafers they created in lab. (Image courtesy of A. Aranyosi.)




Prof. Dennis Freeman

Prof. Martha Gray

Prof. Alexander Aranyosi

Course Features

Course Description

This course is a project-based introduction to manipulating and characterizing cells and biological molecules using microfabricated tools. It is designed for first year undergraduate students. In the first half of the term, students perform laboratory exercises designed to introduce (1) the design, manufacture, and use of microfluidic channels, (2) techniques for sorting and manipulating cells and biomolecules, and (3) making quantitative measurements using optical detection and fluorescent labeling. In the second half of the term, students work in small groups to design and test a microfluidic device to solve a real-world problem of their choosing. Includes exercises in written and oral communication and team building.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .m.