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HST.071 Human Reproductive Biology

As taught in: Fall 2005

Diagrams of male and female reproductive systems.

Human reproductive system. (Image courtesy of the U.S. National Cancer Institute's Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results (SEER) Program. Used with permission.)




Dr. Henry Klapholz

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This course is designed to give the student a clear understanding of the pathophysiology of the menstrual cycle, fertilization, implantation, ovum growth development, differentiation and associated abnormalities. Disorders of fetal development including the principles of teratology and the mechanism of normal and abnormal parturition will be covered as well as the pathophysiology of the breast and disorders of lactation. Fetal asphyxia and its consequences will be reviewed with emphasis on the technology currently available for its detection. In addition the conclusion of the reproductive cycle, menopause, and the use of hormonal replacement will be covered.

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