21F.702 / 21F.752 Spanish II

As taught in: Spring 2004

A photo of a stand selling handmade musical instruments.

Indigenous handicraft market in Otavalo, Ecuador. (Image by José E. Ribas.)


Undergraduate / Graduate


Margarita Ribas Groeger

José A. Ramos

Solivia Márquez

Course Highlights

This course features a set of in-class exercises and activities.

Course Description

Spanish II continues to develop students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills using the second part of the video-based program, Destinos, begun in Spanish I. Destinos is a soap opera that allows students to learn Spanish and experience its cultural diversity while following a good story full of surprises and human emotions. Spanish II also includes additional materials, such as Spanish films and other media, various types of reading selections and online resources.

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