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Each week we feature courses on OCW that relate to current events, highlight accomplishments of MIT's extraordinary teaching and research, or are just plain interesting.



April 12, 2011: The Civil War and Reconstruction

150 years ago, the first shot of the American Civil War was fired. The Civil War and Reconstruction focuses on the causes and long-term consequences of this conflict, including to what extent it was America's defining moment.



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April 11, 2011: Seminar in Health Care Systems Innovation

In this seminar course, students are introduced to the systems perspective on health care delivery, its stakeholders and problems – as well as opportunities.



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April 4, 2011: OCW's First Decade

April 4, 2011 marked ten years of MIT OpenCourseWare. With more than 2,000 courses and 100 million individual users, we think it's been a pretty great decade.



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March 25, 2011: MIT Professor and Innovative Filmmaker, Richard Leacock

Richard Leacock, who helped create the cinéma vérité style and was a driving force behind the film program at MIT, died on March 23 at his home in Paris.

Leacock's work and influence appear throughout many courses on OCW. In particular, Media and Methods: Seeing and Expression and Documenting Culture.




March 17, 2011: Nuclear Engineering

A panel of MIT nuclear engineering, public health and risk assessment specialists convened to explain how nuclear reactors work and the unfolding situation in Japan.

The Nuclear Science and Engineering department at MIT have published more than 30 courses on OCW, covering introductory overviews to special topics on the subject.




March 9, 2011: Life Sciences at MIT

The expansion of Life Sciences has been enormous over the last decade. Many departments at MIT now offer majors, minors or courses that have a Life Science focus. We've gathered some of these in our new Life Sciences course list.




March 7, 2011: David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research Dedicated


The David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research was dedicated last week. The Institute includes 40 laboratories and more than 500 researchers working to revolutionize the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of cancer.

The 7.43X series on OCW provides a window into the education of future cancer researchers here at MIT.



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