ESD.934 / 6.695 / 15.032J / ESD.162 / 6.974 Engineering, Economics and Regulation of the Electric Power Sector

As taught in: Spring 2010

Photograph of electric power transmission lines.

This course discusses both technical and regulatory issues surrounding electric power systems. (Image by nmrmak on Flickr.)




Prof. Ignacio Perez-Arriaga

Course Features

Course Description

The course presents an in-depth interdisciplinary perspective of electric power systems, with regulation providing the link among the engineering, economic, legal and environmental viewpoints. Generation dispatch, demand response, optimal network flows, risk allocation, reliability of service, renewable energy sources, ancillary services, tariff design, distributed generation, rural electrification, environmental impacts and strategic sustainability issues will be among the topics addressed under both traditional and competitive regulatory frameworks.

Technical Requirements

Special software is required to use some of the files in this course: .xls