ESD.933 Technology Policy Negotiations and Dispute Resolution

As taught in: Spring 2005

The Five Step Negotiations Model. 1) Prepare 2)Bargain Over How to Bargain 3) Open and Explore 4) Focus and Agree 5) Implement and Sustain

The Five Step Negotiations Model. (Courtesy of Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld.)




Prof. Joel Cutcher-Gershenfeld

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Technology Policy Negotiations and its prequel, ESD.932, Technology Policy Organizations, form a sequence on Organizational Processes in Technology Policy. This course provides a core framework for an interest-based approach to negotiations, along with a systems approach to dispute resolution in organizations. Core interactive skills are developed, including communication skills, negotiating over the "rules of game," and cross-cultural negotiations. Key assignments center onĀ ethical debates in technology policy, regional economic development challenges, and assessment of organizational dispute resolution systems.