ESD.712 / 11.434 / 15.428 Tools for Analysis: Design for Real Estate and Infrastructure Development

As taught in: Spring 2010

Songdo City under construction.

The development of the Songdo International Business District, also known as Songdo City, is an extensive 10-year project and one of the most expensive ever undertaken. This course considers the design of Songdo City in the context of real estate and infrastructure development. (Image available at Wikipedia and is in the public domain.)




Prof. Richard de Neufville

Prof. David Geltner

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This course is an introduction to the analytical tools that support design and decision-making in real estate and infrastructure development. There is a particular focus on identifying and valuing sources of flexibility using “real options”, Monte-Carlo simulation, and other techniques from the field of engineering systems. This course integrates economic and engineering perspectives, and is suitable for students with various backgrounds. It serves to provide useful preparation for thesis work in the area. The course applies the approach to the design and phasing of a mega infrastructure real estate project.


This MIT OpenCourseWare site is based, in part, on materials on Design for Real Estate and Infrastructure Development from Professor de Neufville's and Professor Geltner's Web site.