ESD.69 / HST.926J Seminar on Health Care Systems Innovation

As taught in: Fall 2010

The total United States health expenditure as percent of gross domestic product has grown from approximately 5% in 1960 to over 16% by 2010.

When national health-care spending was half of current rates, many called its growth "unsustainable". As of 2008, the Organization for Economic Cooperation reported U. S. expenditure on health as percent of gross domestic product was approximately 16%. (Image by MIT OpenCourseWare. Source: WHO and OECD.)




Dr. Stan Finkelstein

Prof. Joseph Coughlin

Prof. Joel Moses

Course Description

This seminar applies a systems perspective to understand health care delivery today, its stakeholders and problems as well as opportunities. Students are introduced to the 'systems perspective' that has been used successfully in other industries, and will address the introduction of new processes, technologies and strategies to improve overall health outcomes. Students are assigned to teams to work on a semester‐long group project, in collaboration with staff of a nearby Boston hospital.