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6.720J / 3.43J Integrated Microelectronic Devices

As taught in: Spring 2007

Diagram of a transistor.

Schematic diagram of a modern bipolar junction transistor (BJT): cross section shown. (Image by Jesús del Alamo.)




Prof. Jesús del Alamo

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6.720 examines the physics of microelectronic semiconductor devices for silicon integrated circuit applications. Topics covered include: semiconductor fundamentals, p-n junction, metal-oxide semiconductor structure, metal-semiconductor junction, MOS field-effect transistor, and bipolar junction transistor. The course emphasizes physical understanding of device operation through energy band diagrams and short-channel MOSFET device design. Issues in modern device scaling are also outlined. The course is worth 2 Engineering Design Points.


Prof. Jesús del Alamo would like to thank Prof. Harry Tuller for his support of and help in teaching the course.

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