6.541J / 24.968J / HST.710J Speech Communication

As taught in: Spring 2004

Textbook cover for Acoustic Phonetics, written by Kenneth Stevens.

Cover of 6.541J textbook: Stevens, Kenneth. Acoustic Phonetics. Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 1999. ISBN: 0-262-19404-X. (Image courtesy of MIT Press.)




Prof. Kenneth Stevens

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6.541J surveys the structural properties of natural languages, with special emphasis on the sound pattern. Topics covered include: representation of the lexicon; physiology of speech production; articulatory phonetics; acoustical theory of speech production; acoustical and articulatory descriptions of phonetic features and of prosodic aspects of speech; perception of speech; models of lexical access and of speech production and planning; and applications to recognition and generation of speech by machine, and to the study of speech disorders.