14.282 Organizational Economics

As taught in: Spring 2009

An ellipse surrounds the uses of organizational economics Between Firms on left (Vertical Integration, Horizontal Integration, Contracts, and Hybrids) and Within Firms on the right (Decision-Making, Employment, and Structures and Processes). Outside the ellipse are the uses Beyond Firms (Order without Law, Agencies, and States).

Uses of organizational economics within firms, between firms, and beyond firms. (Image courtesy of Prof. Robert Gibbons.)




Prof. George Baker

Prof. Robert Gibbons

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This course in organizational economics prepares doctoral students for further study in the field. The course introduces the classic papers and some recent research. The material is organized into the following modules: boundaries of the firm, employment in organizations, decision-making in organizations, and structures and processes in organizations. Each class session covers a few leading papers.

This course was joint-taught between faculty of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Harvard University. The Harvard course is Economics 2670 Organizational Economics.