12.746 Marine Organic Geochemistry

As taught in: Spring 2005

Carbon reservoirs and flows in the ocean.

The oceanic carbon cycle. (PMEL Carbon Group, NOAA.)




Prof. Daniel Repeta

Prof. Timothy Eglinton

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Course Description

This class is designed to provide the student with a global to molecular-level perspective of organic matter cycling in the oceans and marine sediments. Topics include: Organic matter (C,N,P) composition, reactivity and budgets within, and fluxes through, major ocean reservoirs; microbial recycling pathways for organic matter; models of organic matter degradation and preservation; role of anoxia in organic matter burial; relationships between dissolved and particulate (sinking and suspended) organic matter; methods for characterization of sedimentary organic matter; and application of biological markers as tools in oceanography. Both structural and isotopic aspects are covered.